Transworld Farmers Fertilisers Co.

We are the manufacturer of top notch Natural fertilizers, Biofertilisers, Organic fertilizers and Bio-stimulants, supplying all over the globe promoting sustainable use of organic feed. We present a wide range of Bio products starting with Bio-pesticides, Insecticides, Bio-fungicides, Growth promoters and promotes sustainable fish production.

The best fertilizer for a piece of land is the footprints of its owner
Lyndon B. Johnson


TFFCO BioFertiliser

We brings you the high-grade carrier-based prepared fertilisers containing effective strains of micro-organism like Bacteria, algae fungi alone or in combination in sufficient numbers which can provide plant nutrients through microbial activities.

When incorporated with seed/seedlings or in soil, they ensure enhanced crop production by way of biological Nitrogen fixation, solubilization of fixed phosphate, uptake of Phosphorus and other mineral nutrients and synthesis of growth-promoting substances.

tffco cage culture

TFFCO cage culture brings you a near experience to have freshwater products at its best. We have access to some of India’s finest breed of fish, precisely cultivated in the natural environment, rich in nutrients.

Nurturing over 200,000 fish per cage, using right proportion of growth nutrients maintaining a steady supply to the local as well as nation wide market.


I am happy to visit TFFCO stall at International MSME exhibition during my visit I found product detail and his supply chain towards direct agri farmers as well as govt sector and corporate sector marketing is commendable efforts by this manufacturing industry.
I wish all support from my side always with this organization.
Sri Siddhanta Mohapatro, Hon'ble Member of Parliament
It is a matter of privileged to visit TFFCO Cage Culture at Salia Reservoir along with DDF-GZ and DDF Reservoir Cuttack, Odisha.
We saw fish rearing fish feeding technology adopted by TFFCO is highly appreciable and procedure manual very perfectly and effectively.
We very much thankful for the innovative Cage culture being extended by TFFCO during our visit from World Fish.
Team World Fish, Bangladesh
Happy to visit Transworld Farmers Fertiliser Co. Konisi producing Bio-fertiliser in liquid and granular form. I see maintaining hygienic and quality assured products for agricultural farmers.
I am glad to know about product details and its use in sugarcane crops.
I personally thanks to his promoter Mr. Sachidananda Dash for his best efforts and success.
Ram Mohan Patro, Managing Director, Aska Coop Sugar Industry Ltd.
May I congratulate to an Agri Entrepreneur Mr. Sachidananda Dash on your inaugural success to make brand image by me in Bio-fertiliser.
Your full dedication and devotees must of necessity make discoveries of grate value in Agriculture sector to others.
I am deeply impressed by your interpretation of the manufacturing of Bio-fertiliser and marketed by you is remarkable.
Sri Surendra Nath Nayak, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture, Odisha.
I happy to visit this TFFCO Bio-fertiliser Industry and I observed maintain hygienic conditions to produce the Bio-fertiliser at a large for agricultural farmers .
I wish all success in her future.
Sri Chandra Sekhar Sahu, Member of ParliamentBrahmapur constituency
I am highly impressed to Sachidananda Dash CEO of Transworld Farmers Fertiliser Co Konisi a young agri entrepreneur of Odisha manufacturing Bio Fertiliser since 2005 is appreciable for his untiring efforts toward Farmers.
My best wishes always with him.
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Chaupattnaik, Hon'ble MLABrahmapur Constituency
I am extremely delighted to visit TFFCO stall at International MSME exhibition and found its Bio-fertiliser product efficacy and its uses in all types of agricultural crops.
I hope the above products produce by TFFCO will be a pathfinder for the farmers community.
Sri Prafulla Samala, Hon'ble Minister of MSME, Odisha

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